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Cheers To Earth Day!

Cheers To Earth Day!

We cook with local, natural, fresh foods!

In support of Earth Day we give you the recipe to this beautiful natural and healthy Green Coconut Smoothie!


Green Coconut Smoothie


1 cup coconut water
1 handful of fresh chaya
3/4 cup frozen or fresh mango chunks
3/4 cup frozen or fresh pineapple chunks
2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut flakes
1 tablespoon chia seeds

Put coconut water and chaya in a powerful blender and process until totally smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and process until smooth again. Pour into a glass and enjoy!


If you are using fresh fruit, put either the mango or the pineapple into a zip baggie to freeze before making this. You want at least some of the fruit to be frozen to result in a thicker consistency. If consistency is too thick, just add a little bit more coconut water.

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